Saturday, October 20, 2007

Winning %

So would you like to know how we partner up together?

Here is the breakdown:

Ramin & Amy - 12%
Ramin & Shamim - 26%
Ramin & Ash - 15%

Amy & Shamim - 12%
Amy & Ash - 24%

Ash & Shamim - 10%

According to these numbers Ash and Shamim are not so great together (time to re-think Blackmast!???). What happened Jedi masters? However, Ramin and Shamim play the best (I heart Shamim!).

1 comment:

Ashkon said...

Ramin, I'm not sure what these percentages are referring to.

What might be interesting to know is:
Of all the times Ramin & Shamim played together, how often did they win? In other words, what was that team's winning percentage? I might also be interested to know how often one person was teamed up with another.

Until then, this is all fuzzy math.