Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We the people of Brooklyn Heights and Prospect Heights, in order to establish rules but avoid laws, to insure game tranquility, provide for the common application of the rules, promote the game, and secure the blessings of liberty of wearing pants, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Game of Hezari.

Amendments of the Heszari Constitution

  • No one shall create laws but we all shall abide by the rules.
  • No one shall sing, smile, sigh, or make a sign to steal the third-base as it may be consider a signal to pick Diamonds from low.
  • All parties shall have the right to play other games on their PDA, crochet, eat dinner, or text their loved ones while playing Hezari.
  • If caught cheating the other team shall impose a 185 points penalty.
  • Cheaters shall have the right to ignore accusations of cheating.

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